VDE LEGAL is a law firm that guarantees its clients high-quality legal services. It does this by offering them the services of specialised lawyers, with genuine expertise.

VDE LEGAL’s clients include SMEs, large companies, multinational corporations, public sector institutions and legal entities and individuals. VDE LEGAL gives top priority to maintaining the quality of its client relationships.

The availability and dynamism of VDE LEGAL’s lawyers, together with their legal skills in many economic areas, ensure that their clients, both in terms of consulting and litigation, are presented with the most appropriate legal solutions for their needs and which take into account the very latest legal developments. Our emphasis on teamwork also provides clients with a comprehensive service and a genuine multidisciplinary approach to cases.

In accordance with our professional code of conduct, clear information on the terms governing our work and the fees we charge is provided with maximum transparency.

VDE LEGAL has five offices in Belgium. This enables us to provide all our clients with a local service, regardless of whether they are based in Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia.

VDE LEGAL is a decidedly modern association that has taken the decision to offer high-quality legal services to its clients in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Via the international networks International Lawyers Network and Consulegis, it develops close working relationships with law firms located in over 70 countries.