Public law, administrative law and legislative drafting

VDE LEGAL has recognized expertise in public law and administrative law.

VDE LEGAL appears very regularly before the Constitutional Court and the administrative courts (Council of State (Conseil d’Etat), Council for Permit Disputes (Raad voor vergunningsbetwistingen),…), as well as before non-judicial administrative bodies, in numerous branches of law.

VDE LEGAL advises its clients, many of whom are public clients, in many specific areas, with a particular focus on monitoring constitutionality and compliance with the division of powers between the State, the Communities and the Regions.

VDE LEGAL also regularly assists the authorities with the drafting of legislation and regulations.

Our main areas of activity

  • Constitutional litigation (cancellation, suspension, questions referred for a preliminary ruling)
  • Organised or informal administrative appeals against individual administrative acts
  • Appearances before the Council of State and other administrative courts to challenge or defend acts of an individual or regulatory nature
  • Advice and guidance to decision-makers
  • Assistance with contacts with various authorities
  • Drafting of laws and regulations