Intellectual Property – Law of information and communication

VDE LEGAL provides advice as part of its intellectual property practice as well as in the field of information and communication law.

We also cover issues relating to the intellectual rights of authors and creators, as well as those of performers. Similarly, we take into account and defend the interests of companies and stakeholders in the arts and media sectors.

We also handle the entire set of problems arising from commercial exploitation of the various intellectual property rights; this includes advertising law, media law – radio, television and the Internet.

With industrial property, similar assistance is given for all questions relating to deposits, protection and all commercial contracts for patents, trademarks, logos, designs and models, etc.

In particular, our services and advice are based on extensive experience in relevant negotiation and contractual practice, in addition to the tax treatment they require.

The firm’s interest and practice also focus on the development of new technologies, as impacted by these areas, inter alia. Thus, the practice of the firm is also orientated towards intellectual property issues arising in connection with digital media, as well as legal protection of software and databases. We also address and deal with the problems – which are increasing in importance – that arise in connection with the management of this data, related data processing by companies, data protection and re-use, and the associated court and legal framework.